Implementing prism Syntax Highlighting on BlueHost

I use BlueHost to host this Blog, and one of the functions that I really wanted to implement on this Blog was to be able to use Syntax Highlighting on programming code that I wanted to post on here.  My first attempt would not work correctly using a plugin, I’m still learning how all this works.

I decided to narrow my search for instructions down a bit and include BlueHost in my query on Google.  I came across a post on a blog made by some one calling themselves The Crambler.  I followed the instructions in the post and in just a few minutes I had the Syntax Highlighting working using Prism.

The post on Crambler’s blog was entitled How To Implement Prism.js Syntax Highlighting Into Your WordPress Site.  I found the information in this Post to be very helpful and I hope it may help others facing the Syntax Highlighting Blues.